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Shipping & Returns

Free Priority Shipping!

Shipping Policy:

For all continental orders received before Friday afternoon, we ship your Garcinia Cambogia by Priority USPS Air, so that it arrives within 2-3 business days. Friday afternoon orders go out on Monday.   Orders sent to P.O. Boxes will arrive by standard mail. Bear in mind, though, that your order is fulfilled within one business day, no matter what.

Feel free to track the status of your order at using the tracking number found on the My Account page of your order.

International Orders

All orders outside of the US are shipped via DHL or USPS (usually 3-4 day delivery) and require an additional $25 charge.

 International Shipping Testimonial

"I wanted to thank you because the product arrived safely in Australia and I started it this morning!! I'm very excited and it appears to be an excellent product with very clear instructions, both online and in the ebook. thx much!!" - Susan C. Sydney, Australia

Return Policy:

You can return your order at any time for a full refund with no questions asked. We offer a 90 Day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee because we are that confident in the purity and effectiveness of our Garcinia Cambogia extract with 60 percent HCA.

If you are not satisfied with your product for any reason, simply return the bottle to the address below, with anything that includes your name or order number, and we will provide you with a full refund within 48 business hours of receipt.

Most companies charge a restocking or other unknown fees for returning their product. We do not do this. Whatever you paid, you will receive back in full, no questions asked. 

Distribution Center/Returns
1453 West 40 South
Lindon, UT 84042

Testimonial Regarding Our Return Policy

"Garcinia Cambogia Extract Direct is the most professional Company that I have ever conducted business with. Their work ethics is top of the line. They are honest, courteous, reliable, quick and knowledgeable.The support that they offer is incredible it doesn't matter at what time and what day they are there to immediately help with any and all issues in a friendly and personal manner. My purchase was received quickly and accurate, well packaged and everything as promised, the pertinent documents with my purchase were also received immediately, and when due to my system I was unable to download one of the documents they immediately responded with a different format for me to use and the issue was instantly resolved by them, I was totally impressed by everything this Company had to offer. I felt at ease and comfortable through the whole transaction if all the Companies out there were as honest and professional as this Company is there wouldn't be hesitant buyers.This Company is crystal clear about all of their selling practices, they put their money where their mouth is, they stand by their products, by their guarantee by their promotions everything that is stated in their website is actual and truthful, I don't have but only great things to say about my experience with this Company, and because of that I had to make it known to the public and I can guarantee that anyone that does business with this Company will enjoy a smooth, positive and extremely pleasant transaction. Thank you" - Lili

Why is our Garcinia Cambogia the #1 choice for weight loss?

Plain and simple, we meet all expert guidelines and exceed them. See our checklist below:

  • Our Garcinia Cambogia is made with 60% HCA, which is the key to weight loss.
  • Our Garcinia Cambogia contains 60 capsules per bottle.
  • It contains the recommended dose of 1600mg a day -- 800mg capsules taken twice a day (a full month's supply).
  • Our Garcinia Cambogia is 100% pure with no added fillers or binders.
  • Our Garcinia Cambogia is encased in a 100% vegetarian capsule.
  • It is manufactured in an FDA-registered lab that is cGMP certified.
  • Our Garcinia Cambogia complies with the US Pharmacopeia's standards for quality and purity.

100 Guarantee

Precautionary Advice: Though clinical studies have shown Garcinia Cambogia to be both safe to use and effective in weight loss, when used at the recommended levels, no product can guarantee weight-loss success. Each individual is different and will react differently to different supplements and programs. In all cases, you should consult with your physician or health care professional before commencing any dietary program or taking any supplements. You also should check if the medicines you already take pose any risk of reacting to the Garcinia Cambogia. Garcinia Cambogia has proven to be safe and without side effects in tests.